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A few updates

posted Jan 29, 2014, 11:59 AM by Liz SN
Unit Number Installation

Advance Management should have completed the unit number installation last week.  If you notice any units in Phase I and II that DO NOT have any unit numbers on the entry fascia please let Rhona know.

Trash Bins

Please note that we have changed the bins in T7 receptacle, Phase II.  It used to have two 3 CY trash bins and 1 cardboard bin.  The cardboard bin was blocking the parking stall of one of the units so we changed the two 3 CY trash bins to ONE 6 CY bin and moved the cardboard bin INTO the receptacle.  This cleared up the parking stall for that unit owner and still allows this area to accomodate the same volume of trash. 

If you should have any questions please contact Rhona H. Daga, Property Manager, via email:

- Ken Limtiaco, Board of Directors