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Maintenance walk through

posted Oct 24, 2013, 12:39 AM by Liz SN
The property manager has conducted a walk through with the Advance Management team of common areas. Items discussed include the removal and maintenance of overgrown foliage and residential plants and blocks in the common areas. Once a final report has been submitted to the board for review, the board will discuss upkeep of the common areas around each building to ensure House Rules are being followed and common areas are maintained for better aesthetics in the community. 

At this time, the property manager and AMI have identified several units with potted plants and personal items in the common areas between the buildings and in the walkways. As the board is looking into removing these items, they would like to allow the residents some times to place personal items and plants within their lanais. Any items left in the common areas after Nov. 15 will be marked as unclaimed and removed. Contact the property manager if you have questions or concerns.