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Phase II - Visitor Parking

posted Oct 6, 2016, 11:29 PM by Kenneth Limtiaco   [ updated Jan 16, 2017, 3:13 PM ]
The original developers of Las Palmas incorporated visitor parking stalls within the Phase II parking lots.  There are a total of 5 visitor parking stalls as follows.
Chalan Deddek = 1
Chalan A'ef = 2
Chalan Gafo = 2

However, over time these stalls were "lost" and seem to have been exclusively used by adjacent unit owners / residents.  During our exterior painting project these stalls have been repainted from "reserved" to "visitors" and we have voted to create a policy for the use of these visitor stalls.

Effective NOV 1st, 2016 parking in these VISITOR stalls will be limited to 4 hours.  Our security will be monitoring these stalls and are instructed to tow without notice if a vehicle has been parked there for more than the 4 hours.  Additionally, cars that "repeatedly renew" the 4 hour cycle will also be towed.

The VISITOR parking should not only benefit the phase II units but also phase I.  Signs will be installed near these stalls to provide notice.

If you should have any questions please contact Rhona 688-5838