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Posting Real Estate For Sale or Rent Signs

posted Dec 27, 2015, 3:58 PM by Kenneth Limtiaco
Be advised that the Board of Directors voted to allow the posting of Real Estate For Sale or For Rent Signs effective immediately and subject to certain conditions.  

Therefore the the House Rules have been amended as follows:

14.1 Real Estate Signs. The posting of “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs is allowed for the unit owners or their authorized agents and based on the following conditions: 

1. Signs must be professionally and commercially made. No homemade signs will be allowed. 
2. Signs can only be placed on the Interior of the Windows/Sliding Doors Only and not on any exterior surface 
3. Only clear tape or other temporary clear adhesive can be used. No duct tape, masking tape or other type of obscure adhesive is allowed. 
4. Only two (2) signs are allowed per unit 
5. All signs can be no larger than 2’ x 3’ 
6. A contact number must be clearly marked on the sign. 
7. Any sign(s) that becomes weathered or otherwise unsightly or does not meet the above conditions will be required to be removed and may be subject to a daily fine after proper notification by the property manager until it is removed or replaced