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Property Insurance update

posted Jan 12, 2014, 12:57 AM by Liz SN
The board is currently working on renewing our insurance.  All policies expire on 01 FEB 2014.  The three policies that we have are:

1.  Property Insurance
2.  General Liability
3.  Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

At the scheduled meeting on Saturday, 11 JAN 2014, insurance information was passed out and discussed by two brokers:  AM Insurance and PFC (Personal Finance Center).  If you would like a copy of the proposals from each broker please email Rhona H. Daga, Property Manager.

Tenatively, the Board will be finalizing requirements for final quotes and hope to see these final proposals during the week of 20 JANUARY.  If you feel strongly about any item of our coverage then please email Rhona as soon as you can.  

Please note that this is the first time (to most people's recollection) that insurance information has been distributed to the HOA at large PRIOR to renewal. as well as having TWO brokers requesting for and submitting proposals.  This is part of the boards desire to keep everyone informed and to ensure that quotes and services are competitive.