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Sidewalk clarification

posted Jan 18, 2014, 3:16 PM by Liz SN
As you know the sidewalk project to further connect Phase I and II has started.  The Board would like to take the time to re-assure everyone that various options were considered and that the homeowners who voiced concerns about this project were provided with these options and reasons why the current location was the most feasible.  Additionally, the project was delayed about a month while the board re-considered these homeowner's concerns.

Please note that some projects and policies may not be agreeable to everyone in our community.  Know that these are intended to benefit the community as a whole.  It is unfortunate some owners may not see how a project or policy is beneficial to the whole community but this is a reality when living in a planned community such as Las Palmas.   Developing, refining and clarifying policies and projects needed for the community is one of the most critical functions of the Board of Directors (any board...not just for Las Palmas)

Additionally, being active with the Board is something that is highly encouraged so that residents are not taken by surprise on issues or projects.  We have a website www.laspalmasguam.comwherein we post announcements and other information.  Anyone can contact the board via the website's contact page.

As always,  if there are any questions or concerns please email Rhona H. Daga, Property Manager at

- Ken Limtiaco, Board of Directors