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Sidewalk install to begin Jan. 20

posted Jan 11, 2014, 9:32 PM by Liz SN   [ updated Jan 11, 2014, 9:33 PM ]

The Board has decided to proceed with the installation of a connecting sidewalk from Phase I to Phase II that will provide enhanced pedestrian access as well as provide a needed pathway for the Security and Maintenance carts between the phases. 


Since the sidewalk will be dual purpose it will be wider than normal to accommodate the carts and pedestrians at the same time.  Security and Maintenance will be required to proceed on this pathway at a slow rate to ensure that the pedestrians right of way and safety is not jeopardized.


The current path that the carts have been taking is the sidewalk along the fence bordering Macheche Ave.  This area looks horrible as the carts have torn up all of the grass on both ends of the sidewalk (as well as along the way).  We have even had to spend extra money to try to mitigate the mess created at the reasonable request of residents / owners in this area.  Additionally, the mess is the first thing most people will notice when entering the Phase II main road.  Not good for overall property values.  This project has been in the discussion phase for quite awhile and we have heard and considered concerns from the owners / residents in the immediate area.


Rest assured that the board had considered several other options but this placement was the most feasible.  We understand that some residents may not have agreed with this decision but the board firmly believes it to be in the best interest of the combined community.  It is clear that in order for our Security and Maintenance to be efficient and cost effective that cart mobility is a must in order to maintain (and improve) the standards that have been established WITHOUT increasing monthly recurring costs.

The sidewalk will connect the ends of Kayon Manha (Phase I) and Chalan Deddek (Phase II).  It will cut through the grassy area and pass by Pavilion #3.    There will also be a connection to the existing sidewalk on the east side of Chalan Deddek.


Work has been contracted to Advance Management, Inc. who was the lowest bidder.  Work will commence on Monday 20 JAN and will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.  Work is allowed Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm.


Please contact Rhona H. Daga, Property Manager, should you need more information.  Her email address is


As always, we invite all unit owners and current residents to provide feedback via direct email, through the website or by attending our monthly BOD meetings on the last Tuesday of each month at the REMAX office located in Hagatna (next to Feathers & Fins) starting at 6pm.  If you decide to attend the meetings and would like to discuss a particular concern or idea please inform Rhona in advance so that she can put you first on the Agenda.


Thank you.