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Important numbers

Property Management:

  • ON SITE Manager:  The on site manager and his staff are directly employed with the HOA and should function as the "go to" team for daily maintenance and house rule issues.  They will also oversee any major repair or improvement projects.
            Mr. Carl Dingus
            Cell:    671 898-1106

  • REMAX / Diamond Realty :  REMAX is contracted directly with the HOA to provide administrative duties and oversee the daily functions of the OSM and team.  They provide for collection of CAF fees, issuance of statements, administration of contracts and, of critical importance, support of the On Site Manager and staff.
            Ms. Joannie C. Quinata
            Cell:        671 687-8848
            Office:     671 479-9532

Security: G4S 

Security is provided 24 / 7

On site security guard:     898-6981 (call anytime 24/7)
Hotline:                          646-5731/4236
Office:                            646-2307

For emergencies, dial 911.